• (n.) One who cuts; as, a stone cutter; a die cutter; esp., one who cuts out garments.
  • (n.) That which cuts; a machine or part of a machine, or a tool or instrument used for cutting, as that part of a mower which severs the stalk, or as a paper cutter.
  • (n.) A fore tooth; an incisor.
  • (n.) A boat used by ships of war.
  • (n.) A fast sailing vessel with one mast, rigged in most essentials like a sloop. A cutter is narrower end deeper than a sloop of the same length, and depends for stability on a deep keel, often heavily weighted with lead.
  • (n.) A small armed vessel, usually a steamer, in the revenue marine service; -- also called revenue cutter.
  • (n.) A small, light one-horse sleigh.
  • (n.) An officer in the exchequer who notes by cutting on the tallies the sums paid.
  • (n.) A ruffian; a bravo; a destroyer.
  • (n.) A kind of soft yellow brick, used for facework; -- so called from the facility with which it can be cut.

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