• (v. i.) To contract the brow in displeasure, severity, or sternness; to scowl; to put on a stern, grim, or surly look.
  • (v. i.) To manifest displeasure or disapprobation; to look with disfavor or threateningly; to lower; as, polite society frowns upon rudeness.
  • (v. t.) To repress or repel by expressing displeasure or disapproval; to rebuke with a look; as, frown the impudent fellow into silence.
  • (n.) A wrinkling of the face in displeasure, rebuke, etc.; a sour, severe, or stere look; a scowl.
  • (n.) Any expression of displeasure; as, the frowns of Providence; the frowns of Fortune.

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