• (n.) A piece of ground inclosed, and stored with beasts of the chase, which a man may have by prescription, or the king's grant.
  • (n.) A tract of ground kept in its natural state, about or adjacent to a residence, as for the preservation of game, for walking, riding, or the like.
  • (n.) A piece of ground, in or near a city or town, inclosed and kept for ornament and recreation; as, Hyde Park in London; Central Park in New York.
  • (n.) A space occupied by the animals, wagons, pontoons, and materials of all kinds, as ammunition, ordnance stores, hospital stores, provisions, etc., when brought together; also, the objects themselves; as, a park of wagons; a park of artillery.
  • (n.) A partially inclosed basin in which oysters are grown.
  • (v. t.) To inclose in a park, or as in a park.
  • (v. t.) To bring together in a park, or compact body; as, to park the artillery, the wagons, etc.

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