• (a.) First in order of time; original; primeval; primitive; primary.
  • (a.) First in rank, degree, dignity, authority, or importance; as, prime minister.
  • (a.) First in excellence; of highest quality; as, prime wheat; a prime quality of cloth.
  • (a.) Early; blooming; being in the first stage.
  • (a.) Lecherous; lustful; lewd.
  • (a.) Marked or distinguished by a mark (') called a prime mark.
  • (n.) The first part; the earliest stage; the beginning or opening, as of the day, the year, etc.; hence, the dawn; the spring.
  • (n.) The spring of life; youth; hence, full health, strength, or beauty; perfection.
  • (n.) That which is first in quantity; the most excellent portion; the best part.
  • (a.) The morning; specifically (R. C. Ch.), the first canonical hour, succeeding to lauds.
  • (a.) The first of the chief guards.
  • (a.) Any number expressing the combining weight or equivalent of any particular element; -- so called because these numbers were respectively reduced to their lowest relative terms on the fixed standard of hydrogen as 1.
  • (a.) A prime number. See under Prime, a.
  • (a.) An inch, as composed of twelve seconds in the duodecimal system; -- denoted by [']. See 2d Inch, n., 1.
  • (a.) To apply priming to, as a musket or a cannon; to apply a primer to, as a metallic cartridge.
  • (a.) To lay the first color, coating, or preparation upon (a surface), as in painting; as, to prime a canvas, a wall.
  • (a.) To prepare; to make ready; to instruct beforehand; to post; to coach; as, to prime a witness; the boys are primed for mischief.
  • (a.) To trim or prune, as trees.
  • (a.) To mark with a prime mark.
  • (v. i.) To be renewed, or as at first.
  • (v. i.) To serve as priming for the charge of a gun.
  • (v. i.) To work so that foaming occurs from too violent ebullition, which causes water to become mixed with, and be carried along with, the steam that is formed; -- said of a steam boiler.

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