• (n.) The stock or handle of anything; as, the stale of a rake.
  • (v. i.) Vapid or tasteless from age; having lost its life, spirit, and flavor, from being long kept; as, stale beer.
  • (v. i.) Not new; not freshly made; as, stele bread.
  • (v. i.) Having lost the life or graces of youth; worn out; decayed.
  • (v. i.) Worn out by use or familiarity; having lost its novelty and power of pleasing; trite; common.
  • (v. t.) To make vapid or tasteless; to destroy the life, beauty, or use of; to wear out.
  • (a.) To make water; to discharge urine; -- said especially of horses and cattle.
  • (v. i.) That which is stale or worn out by long keeping, or by use.
  • (v. i.) A prostitute.
  • (v. i.) Urine, esp. that of beasts.
  • (v. t.) Something set, or offered to view, as an allurement to draw others to any place or purpose; a decoy; a stool pigeon.
  • (v. t.) A stalking-horse.
  • (v. t.) A stalemate.
  • (v. t.) A laughingstock; a dupe.

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