• (n.) An aggregation or deposit of resources from which supplies are or may be drawn for carrying on any work, or for maintaining existence.
  • (n.) A stock or capital; a sum of money appropriated as the foundation of some commercial or other operation undertaken with a view to profit; that reserve by means of which expenses and credit are supported; as, the fund of a bank, commercial house, manufacturing corporation, etc.
  • (n.) The stock of a national debt; public securities; evidences (stocks or bonds) of money lent to government, for which interest is paid at prescribed intervals; -- called also public funds.
  • (n.) An invested sum, whose income is devoted to a specific object; as, the fund of an ecclesiastical society; a fund for the maintenance of lectures or poor students; also, money systematically collected to meet the expenses of some permanent object.
  • (n.) A store laid up, from which one may draw at pleasure; a supply; a full provision of resources; as, a fund of wisdom or good sense.
  • (v. t.) To provide and appropriate a fund or permanent revenue for the payment of the interest of; to make permanent provision of resources (as by a pledge of revenue from customs) for discharging the interest of or principal of; as, to fund government notes.
  • (v. t.) To place in a fund, as money.
  • (v. t.) To put into the form of bonds or stocks bearing regular interest; as, to fund the floating debt.

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