• (v.) That which pricks, penetrates, or punctures; a sharp and slender thing; a pointed instrument; a goad; a spur, etc.; a point; a skewer.
  • (v.) The act of pricking, or the sensation of being pricked; a sharp, stinging pain; figuratively, remorse.
  • (v.) A mark made by a pointed instrument; a puncture; a point.
  • (v.) A point or mark on the dial, noting the hour.
  • (v.) The point on a target at which an archer aims; the mark; the pin.
  • (v.) A mark denoting degree; degree; pitch.
  • (v.) A mathematical point; -- regularly used in old English translations of Euclid.
  • (v.) The footprint of a hare.
  • (v.) A small roll; as, a prick of spun yarn; a prick of tobacco.
  • (n.) To pierce slightly with a sharp-pointed instrument or substance; to make a puncture in, or to make by puncturing; to drive a fine point into; as, to prick one with a pin, needle, etc.; to prick a card; to prick holes in paper.
  • (n.) To fix by the point; to attach or hang by puncturing; as, to prick a knife into a board.
  • (n.) To mark or denote by a puncture; to designate by pricking; to choose; to mark; -- sometimes with off.
  • (n.) To mark the outline of by puncturing; to trace or form by pricking; to mark by punctured dots; as, to prick a pattern for embroidery; to prick the notes of a musical composition.
  • (n.) To ride or guide with spurs; to spur; to goad; to incite; to urge on; -- sometimes with on, or off.
  • (n.) To affect with sharp pain; to sting, as with remorse.
  • (n.) To make sharp; to erect into a point; to raise, as something pointed; -- said especially of the ears of an animal, as a horse or dog; and usually followed by up; -- hence, to prick up the ears, to listen sharply; to have the attention and interest strongly engaged.
  • (n.) To render acid or pungent.
  • (n.) To dress; to prink; -- usually with up.
  • (n.) To run a middle seam through, as the cloth of a sail.
  • (n.) To trace on a chart, as a ship's course.
  • (n.) To drive a nail into (a horse's foot), so as to cause lameness.
  • (n.) To nick.
  • (v. i.) To be punctured; to suffer or feel a sharp pain, as by puncture; as, a sore finger pricks.
  • (v. i.) To spur onward; to ride on horseback.
  • (v. i.) To become sharp or acid; to turn sour, as wine.
  • (v. i.) To aim at a point or mark.

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