• (n.) Against; near by; towards; as, gin night.
  • (conj.) If.
  • (v. i.) To begin; -- often followed by an infinitive without to; as, gan tell. See Gan.
  • (n.) A strong alcoholic liquor, distilled from rye and barley, and flavored with juniper berries; -- also called Hollands and Holland gin, because originally, and still very extensively, manufactured in Holland. Common gin is usually flavored with turpentine.
  • (n.) Contrivance; artifice; a trap; a snare.
  • (n.) A machine for raising or moving heavy weights, consisting of a tripod formed of poles united at the top, with a windlass, pulleys, ropes, etc.
  • (n.) A hoisting drum, usually vertical; a whim.
  • (n.) A machine for separating the seeds from cotton; a cotton gin.
  • (v. t.) To catch in a trap.
  • (v. t.) To clear of seeds by a machine; as, to gin cotton.

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